Monday, July 21, 2008

Ong Tipuk in Season at Bintulu Tamu

Last Sunday ( 20/7) while doing my weekend shopping at the local jungle produce market ( Tamu) I came across a trader selling these sweet sour fruits called " Ong  Tipuk "  by the local Melanaus of Bintulu.  The fruits are about 2 cm long and are seasonal.  A small bowl of it ( the white bowl in the picture below) costs two Ringgit Malaysia.
Next to the white bowl on the left is the flower spike which is peeled to show the tiny fruits and even tiny seeds as shown below.  Well it is easy to eat these fruits.  By peeling off its skin, the tiny seeds held together by a slimy substance are ready to be chewed as they are very soft to the tonque.
The Tipuk fruit is of the Zingiberaceae family ( Ginger family ) and to the best of my knowledge belongs to the Hornstedia species.

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