Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Drunken Sailor Drops By

Right Hand Corner of Front Garden with the 'Sepenuh' plant in full bloom, a rare occurrence.

I introduced another species of heliconia to add variety to the collection, which has long, wide and green  banana-like leaves as seen on the right foreground.

Lately I have been closely watching the right hand corner of the front garden in Kuching.  The plants seemed to be doing very well.  The variegated wild banana leaves have provided much needed shade to the plants below.  On this trip I saw the  'Sepenuh' (Eurcycles amboinensis ) plant in full flower, an uncommon sight and therefore considered myself lucky.  I was enthralled to see the 'Drunken Sailor' (Quisqualis indica ) droppin' by.  Somehow, it has managed to creep over the banana leaves and unabashedly  show off itself at a tight spot by the right hand corner of the front garden.
Sometimes referred to Red Jasmine the flowers are scented.  When in bloom the petals initially appear pale pink then gradually turning red as the day develops, akin to the face of a drunken sailor.  I am still undecided of  what to do with the Drunken Sailor.  Should I allow it to remain as a permanent feature or prune it?  Well, let's see how worthy the Drunken Sailor proove itself.  Then we decide.  I guess for this time around I can extend some patience with the Drunken Sailor.


Protege said...

Do not prune the "sailor", it is wonderful!!
It is always so exciting to see the exotic flowers you post, growing so richly, while here at the best we see them in indoor pots only.;))

Mahmud Yussop said...

Hmm, that's an excellent suggestion. I agree.We'll just let the sailor return to port.