Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Satok's Night Hawkers Food Centre

'Satay' - barbecued and spicly marionetted fine slices of chicken or beef as seen above is one of the most saleable dishes .
Life is Kuching is convenient. At night there are many hawkers centre throughout the city that open business around 6.oo pm and close before 1.00 am. I went to one at Jalan Satok, which is a major banking and retail centre during the day but bustling with about 50 hawkers stalls at night in one particular car parking location called the Satok Night Hawkers Food Centre . Here you can find all sorts of hawkers food from noodles ( mee), smoked or barbecued chicken, fish, meat, etc and various soup like vegetable soup or the hot and spicy 'tom yam' ( Thai dish) soup. Burgers and hot dogs are also available too. Drinks are from a variety of choices like fresh tropical fruit juices, a rich assortment of hot and cold drinks however alcohol is not served.

The Satok hawkers food centre of about 50 stalls opens nightly.
One of the beauty of eating street hawkers food is its richness of types and tastes that can be enjoyed at a markedly lower price than in restaurants. The open air ambience and colourful neon lights and occasional TV screens and loud music add much fun and character to the place. I find it a good place to dine casually, meet friends over dinner or late super . The more frequent you visit the place the more familiar you become with the chef and the operator of the stall which in most cases is the owner of the business thus giving you his or her best service. Overall I would give Satok night hawkers food centre a B rating, all things considered.

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Zuzana said...

One day I will have to get over my fear of flying and visit your country; you make it sound so interesting.;)