Tuesday, February 10, 2009

High Tea With The Crocs

Just 10 minutes drive from where I am staying is Jong's crocodile farm. Today I decided to spend my high tea with the crocs. At around 3.00 pm daily the crocodiles are fed. The feeding time is great show for visitors and tourists who are charged RM 10 per entry ( adults). Besides watching crocodiles other animals and birds are kept for additional interest like monkeys, bear cat, pheasants and peacocks, eagles, phytons, iguanas, fishes and peking ducks. The farm covers an area of 25 acres and there are about 500 crododiles here bred successfully in captivity after many years of trial and error. The farm is a private undertaking.

The main course on the menu is raw chicken meat served in chunks and whole pieces. From above the hut one man throws chunks of meat to many quarrelsome crocs below and for the adventurous ones a whole chicken meat is lowered by means of a pulley to the center of the pond for the taking. I saw a few tried this difficult challenge and were successful to the applause of spectators.
"I got an eye on you".
Below is success in the making.

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Protege said...

Ah, this is cool! They are truly hungry!;) Very scary, but fascinating creatures.
I have seen alligators in Florida and have also been to farms where they are kept. It is always interesting to watch animals, whether they are cute; as cats or fierce,; as crocodiles.;))