Friday, October 10, 2008

Trip to Buntal Village

Kampung Buntal or the village of Buntal is a half - way on the road to Santubong beach. Stopping by the small village road we checked at the roadside stalls for some goodies. We bought a couple of pickled fruits packed in plastic. The fruits pickled are mainly of the 'cermai' ( Phyllanthus acidus L.Skeels. ) ,the 'kedondong' ( a species of the canarium family) and the sourish 'asam paya'.
At another stall we met across grilled fish wrapped in 'nipah palm ' leaves, a common feather-leaved palm found in low-lying mangroove swamp areas through out Sarawak. Each piece costs RM 1 and contained two small fishes. and fresh from the grille ,tastes good and wants some more!

Buntal village is about half an hour drive from Kuching city and people as well as tourists from Kuching frequent the sea food restaurants here in the evening to savour the many varieties of reasonably priced fresh seafood available in abundance.

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