Thursday, October 16, 2008

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

I went to the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre to witness the 'orang utan' ( Pongo pygmaeus) literally to mean ' man of the forest' in Malay. The centre is part of a big nature reserve that let orang utans forage freely in the jungle there. At the centre you can see the orang utans emerge from the jungle to have their meals served on feeding platforms . Today the visitors were lucky when 8 of the orang utans, adults and babies came out to enjoy their meals .
Twice daily ( 9 am and 3 pm) the park rangers serve food consisting of the coconut, papaya, sugar cane, banana, tapioca etc on a raised platform.
At the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, the orang utans are rehabilitated to prepare them to join the rest in the wilderness after they are sufficiently weaned out at the centre.
Tourists took this opportunity to take their photographs of a lifetime. Entrance fees to the centre is RM 3 per adult. For more pictures of the orang utans who came to town today, click here.

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