Thursday, July 2, 2009

Uniquely Kuching

On the 29th of June, a Monday we took to the road again to Kuching after spending nearly a month at Bintulu. Inul, the narrator of her travels through the jungles, countryside and small towns of Sarawak was doing better this time around. Less screaming and less messing around. Daisy, her mother was at her queenly best. The ten hours journey was met with heavy downcast and scattered rains for three quarters of the journey. Thus there was little photography work done . With this trip my cat's journey hit the 18,000 km mark. BTW, cats are easily identified with the city of Kuching because the city derived its name from guess what - Cat or 'kuching' in Malay.
I always look forward to coming over to this city. It is a city of convenience. A moderately sized city with a hinterland or urban sprawl that is relatively flat all around encircling the city for miles and miles on all directions. Kuching is a melting pot of all the indigenous cultures of Sarawak. A truly Sarawakian town. With the first available opportunity to drive downtown, just a few days ago I was met with something uniquely Kuching. It's no wonder they call it a city. Here you find the queer and the quest for uniqueness.
A scooter made in Kuching for local and export market, called " Demak"

It's indeed a unique 'Beetle" - yes, they build engines at the tail part.


Protege said...

Your cats really are some experienced travelers. How extraordinary with the town name meaning a "cat".;))
I always enjoy all the pictures.;)) Have a great weekend.;)

Sb said...

Those familiar pictures on your webpage make me homesick. I am a Kuching girl but have been domiciled in northern Australia for the past 25 years. I was in Kuching in February 2010, and always love to go back with my family.