Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ferry Boat Arrives

This afternoon I had a closer look at the ferry boat disembarking passengers at the Kampung Jepak ferry boat jetty, in front of the Sim Swee Joo supermarket. Time: 5.30 pm

The main means of crossing the Kemena River for these motorbikers is this small ferry boat. The people of Kampung Jepak rely on this mode of communication to shorten their travelling time to Bintulu town, which is on the opposite side of this river bank. This is a late afternoon crowd . The other way to reach the town is through a 20 kilometer road that runs in a roundabout way further upriver from the Kampung Jepak village using a bridge crossing. While the roundabout way covers a half an hour journey, this ferry trip takes only ten minutes. In times of increasing fuel costs this mode of crossing the river is a lot better than driving the long circuitous road to town.

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