Sunday, May 11, 2008

Miri - Bintulu coastal highway

On the way back to Bintulu, we stopped by the roadside to have a closer view of this oil palm fresh fruit bunches(FFB). At today's price, a ton of these fruits will fetch on the average RM 650. I say on the average because these fruits are normally graded at the mill's gate into three classes i.e Grade A, B and C. At today's price, Grade A is tagged at RM 7o7 per ton while Grade C is RM 600. The Miri- Bintulu coastal highway is fast becoming an oil palm country because on both sides of the highway are oil palm plantations as far as the eyes could see. On the Miri stretch oil palm are largely grown on low , flat and sandy to peaty soils, while the Bintulu stretch are planted on rolling hills of clayey soils ( or as some would term them as mineral soils) and mostly on steeper elevation.

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