Friday, January 2, 2009

Tropical Cut Flowers

  • As part of my 2nd solo exhibition (scheduled October 2009) one category of artworks that would be displayed will be tropical cut flowers. To have a glimpse of them please click to daily cut flowers at the left side bar.
  • I am thinking of reproducing them and newer ones which will be done throughout this year in a book to be launched during the exhibition. My love affair with cut tropical cut flowers can be explained briefly below:
  • It's rich, vibrant and need I say 'hot' colours - e.g. red ginger,varieties of hibiscus, heliconias etc make our immediate surroundings alive
  • They cost little as those plants are a step out of the garden
  • The arrangements make great conversational pieces especially when presented in modern or international idioms e.g. tropical ikebana, minimalism , etc
  • A way to promote 'Laman Kambatik' ( Malaysian Garden) concept of nativity, accidental beauty ( as in batik inspirations) experimentalism e.g. its artistry and diversity - colourful foliage,seeds and bracts.

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