Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Inside the Lion's Mouth

Guess what, It's me, inside the lion's mouth.
Today I am in Miri to visit my sister in-law who celebrates the Chinese New Year. At one of the neighbourhood's house was a lion dance troupe doing their rounds, a familiar sight during the Chinese New Year celebration which means another two days of public holidays for us here.

Part of the lion dance troupe members who gave me the opportunity to enter the lion's head.
Peace Brother!

Young girls play the cymbals while boys hit the drums as part of the musical percussions used for the lion dance. I was pleasantly surprised to see this troupe of young boys and girls performing the lion dance as part of their respective society's annual fund raising activity.

The lion moves to the accompaniment of the sounds of drum and clash of cymbals and dances gracefully into the house where it is presented with a red packet called' Ang Pow ' as part of the house owner's contribution to the specific cultural or clan societies the lion dance troupe represents.
The lion dance is usually performed for about 15-30 minutes and in one day the neighourhood may receive between five to ten of such troupes.
Happy New Year of the Ox to All my Chinese Friends in Sarawak, Borneo.


Protege said...

Happy New Year to you as well!;) In the Chinese tradition, it is the year of the Ox; do you have similar beliefs? Hope it will be a good one for you; I look forward to more exciting posts on your very exotic blog next year.;)

Kemesraanku said...

Wahahahah... Dung dung cheee... ahahha... Ang Pow ada kaa??wahhaha

Mahmud Yussop said...

Protege, Whether it is the Chinese, English or Muslim calender I just hope that this year will be fine and prosperous. Hopefully same goes to you. I'm encouraged by your comments. Exotic it shall be :)
Kemesraanku, 'Ang Pow' bo liau!