Friday, January 9, 2009

Bintulu's Port

Driving up north about 25 km away from Bintulu town center, I reached the farthest 'developed' end of Bintulu. Here in an area of about 5000 acres are situated the heavy and medium industries of Bintulu. One particular entity that is crucial to the develpment and sustainability of this industrial zone is the Bintulu Port. The Bintulu Port is now the biggest and richest port on Borneo Island. It's regional network constituted the nearby major islands of Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore besides its northern destinations like China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand.

The Bintulu Port Headquarters Building ( above)

The above is typical of the modern architectural design of the buildings erected at Bintulu Port where the prevalent motifs are related to its activities like water ( e.g. shape and curves of roofs), marine architecture ( e.g. hull, decks, bridge, etc.)
Having a profitable port operations for the last decade, the Port has been able to add latest infrastructural facilities and heavy equipments as well as new and unique buildings to dot the Bintulu industrial skyline.


Protege said...

What a stunning building; I love that is shaped like the front of a ship. I also like the different shades of the blue color - very artistic.;)

electrical,electronics,instrumentation. said...

can u tell me whether there is an arco oil company in sarawak or not.